What You Knead

As we guide you on a Journey towards Wellness, we’ll take the extra step to find which things to either add or avoid to customize your session.

  • Full body or just specific areas?
  • Do you need/prefer to be Face Up only?                                          
  • What type of Aromatherapy do you prefer?                     
  • Would you like to enhance the session with a 2nd modality? 
  • Could you benefit from a 10min nap at the end?

What To Expect

Asking better questions gives us better results.  We don’t just throw you on the table without assessing your issues and what might be contributing to them. 

Pre-Session Intake might include discussions about:

  • Main complaint and how long you’ve had this issue
  • Relevant medical history (surgeries, heart issues, medical conditions)
  • Stress level or change or major life changes
  • Your postural habits due to: your job, workout or hobbies    
  • Visual Posture Review and/or Range of Motion tests      

At the end of the session, you will sit down again to review:

  • Any changes you feel or noticed getting up
  • Anything new discovered during the session
  • Feedback you may have for the therapist
  • You may also receive self-care tips and follow-up recommendations 

What to Know

  •   If you have a specific question about your condition, request that the therapist call you prior to the session
      (simply ask when speaking with our receptionists or in the Notes section of our Online Booking)
  •  Not sure if massage is not recommended for a specific health condition?
  • Use this link as a reference:   MASSAGE CONTRAINDICATIONS
  •  When Massage is contraindicated, Reiki or Energy Work can be a valid option

    CLICK to EXPLORE:   MassageThai & YogaReiki & Breathwork    Classes

“Caring, effective professional. Nicole will consult with you to discuss all of what ails you. If you have a problem she is not familiar with, she will study up on it before your next visit. Magic hands. Knows every part of the body and how to address its needs. Kind personality, relaxing atmosphere. I recommend her to everyone.”
Little Silver, NJ