Workshops & Wellness Seminars

Learning HOW to take care of ourselves leads to a better Quality of Health. When we improve our health, we improve our Life. These workshops can be taught in the corporate environment, the medical environment and are great lessons for children, schools and sports teams too!

These seminars are typically offered as 30-45 minute Lunch & Learn style presentations* and can be tailored to fit any group, style, time or budget. Call Nicole Lerario for details: 732-328-8577 or email me here at:

4 Easy Steps to Prevent Muscular Injury **NEW**
In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the Four Corners of injury prevention and muscle maintenance that every professional athlete uses. Originally created for a class of 12 year old dancers, this workshop is great advice at any age. Consider teaching your sports team how to take care of themselves so they can stay in the game and perform at their peak conditions.

No More Stress! Breathwork & Stretching for the Office
Learn quick & easy ways to create a more relaxed and focused work environment. In this Workshop people will learn:

  • The importance of breath control in managing daily stress
  • 2-3 breathing techniques that can be done anywhere
  • A series of stretches that combats the most common chronic pain complaints

The Wellness Toolbox: Building Better Health
You can’t build a house without the proper tools, nor can you build up your health without having what you need, where you need, when you need it most. In this Workshop, we’ll cover:

  • What is a Toolbox?
  • How do I know what goes in my Toolbox?
  • What are my biggest excuses or challenges that keep me in a rut?
  • How do I best utilize these tools that will help support my Wellness Goals?

Reversing the Story – Posture, Pain & Performance
Our postural habits become our physical form and no one wants to be a hunched as we age. This workshop is designed to reverse the path many of us are on.  Together, we’ll learn:

  • Creating an awareness of your current body posture
  • Assess limitations of range of motion and movement
  • How posture and movement effect each other
  • Stretches & Exercises designed to bring you into proper alignment.

Self Care Assessments and Handouts will be given to everyone in attendance so that these workshops continue to be an effective part of employee Self-Care & Wellness.

*Healthy lunches can be catered for an additional cost. Call to discuss the details and budget of your event.

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