Massage Services

For a more healing experience, add your choice of aromatherapy to any of your sessions! (+$5)

A Kneaded Vacation Signature Massage
Escape your Pain & Stress with this Swedish-based integrated style massage.

30 Min $45.00   •  60 Min $80.00   •  90 Min $120.00
ASK About our money saving packages when you buy 4 or more sessions!

In Home/On Site Massage Service
Enjoy the benefits of massage from the comforts of your own home, office, hotel or event. No driving, no stress. We bring everything so you can relax! (please have a minimum of 4’x7’ space)

60 Min $120.00   •  90 Min $150.00   •  120 Min $200.00

NOTE: A travel fee will be added for any trip over 20 miles from the studio.

Active Adventurer’s Deep/Sports Massage
Whether training for a marathon or active in the gym, this deep tissue massage will help repair, renew and restore your muscles so you can maintain peak performance condition.

In Studio: 60 Min $90.00   •  90 Min $130.00
At Home: 60 Min $130.00   •  90 Min $160.00

Pre-Natal Massage
A woman’s body changes to prepare for childbirth. These changes can create lower back pain, soreness, sciatic problems or restless sleep. Massage can help alleviate the tight muscles and encourage deeper sleep patterns, which will make a more enjoyable pregnancy. Offered in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters only.

In Studio: 60 Min $80.00   •  90 Min $120.00
At Home: 60 Min $120.00   •  90 Min $150.00

Specialty Massage & Energy Sessions

Yoga Lover’s Massage
Increase your flexibility and ease pain or resistance you find n your most challenging poses. This fully clothed session takes place on a Thai mat and is customized to the postures that YOU want help with! This session is a mix of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai and Shiatsu Massage techniques!

In Studio: 30 min: $50   •  60 min: $100   •  90 Min $150.00
At Home: 60 min: $140   •  90 min: $170

Thai Massage
Great for athletes or ANYONE who spends a lot of time on their feet!!! This ancient Eastern form of bodywork combines a therapeutic mix of massage, stretching and, acupressure points to help restore your muscles and revitalize your energy. Sessions are performed on a Thai mat, fully clothed.

In Studio: 30 min: $50   •  60 min: $100   •  90 min: $150
At Home: 60 min: $140   •  90 min: $170

Reiki Energy Healing
Reiki works to align the energy centers (chakras) that help restore physical & mental balance and create a sense of peace & calm.

In Studio: 30 min: $50   •  60 min: $100   •  90 min: $150
At Home: 60 min: $140   •  90 min: $170

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)
I.E.T. removes mental/emotional/spiritual blocks which manifest themselves as patterns, obstacles and/or chronic pain in our lives. In working with angelic guides and energies, this work can be a very powerful session to helping you break old patterns.

In Studio: 30 min: $50   •  60 min: $100   •  90 min: $150
At Home: 60 min: $140   •  90 min: $170

Deluxe Vacation Combo: Massage + Energy Work
Experience 60 minutes of Restorative Massage + 30 minutes of Reiki or IET work

In Studio: 90 min: $125
At Home: 90 min: $155

Advertised Prices do not include 7% NJ Sales Tax or gratuity, which is at your discretion.

* Studio is located
at 258 Broad Street, Ste #2, Red Bank, NJ

**At Home Service
is available every day.  Travel more than 20 miles from studio location will incur a travel fee.

Benefits of Massage

There is a wealth of benefits to be had by receiving a massage. Results are cumulative, so the more often you get massage, the more you get out of it. Remember this when dealing with specific health conditions or wellness concerns. And talk to your therapist about your goals for mind, body and spiritual healing.

Benefits for the Body

  • Alleviates muscular pain, spasms, cramps & tension
  • Reduces chronic pain due to injury
  • Speeds healing from strains, sprains & operations
  • Increases range of motion and flexibility

Benefits for the Mind

  • Calms the nerves allowing better sleep
  • Lessens depression and increases quality of life
  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety
  • Enhances mental clarity by reducing stress

Benefits for the Spirit

  • Connects you to your internal sense of self
  • Opens up the flow of energetic channels
  • Invites a deep sense of peace
  • Reinforces a positive mindset

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