5 Tips for Easy Self Care

Whether you have 10 seconds or 10 minutes, here are some tips to help increase your everyday wellness.

#1: Breathe….Deeply
Breathing deeply nourishes every cell in your body with oxygen and nutrients. Deep breathing is the quickest way to relax a nervous mind and can help you take control of your emotions when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Take 3 deep breaths now…feels better, doesn’t it?

#2: Drink More Water
Most people are dehydrated, which exasperates muscle tightness and stress levels. You wouldn’t run a car without gas, don’t run your body without water. Signs of mild dehydration include exhaustion, lack of energy and muscle tension. Grab a glass of self-care… and drink up!

#3: Take a Walk  
A low-impact walk has a plethora of physical and mental benefits. It’s free, it’s easy, no equipment needed. For added benefit – walk with a friend or family member and enjoy some special healthy bonding time which also adds to your overall mental wellness!
Oh, and… leave your phone behind.

#4: Smile
Positive health starts with a positive mood. CAUTION: Smiles are contagious and often cause people around you to smile! So try it…right now…while reading this. Smiling is free, it’s easy… and you can start right now!

#5: Get a Massage
If we never rest, if we never pause, if we are always on the go, that pace will catch up with us and in time will affect our sleep, our bodies, our stress levels, and our over all health. Taking an hour or more on a massage table, with no phones, no computers is a sure-fire way to Take a time out, nurturing every system in your body. But then if you’re reading this…you probably know this!

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