What to Expect

Before Your Massage

  • Arrive 10 minutes before your session so we can start on time. Have your Intake form with you. Turn off your cell phone and take off any jewelry or watches.
  • If you have any medical conditions, tell your therapist before your appointment. Serious conditions may require a doctor’s note. Please ask if you are not sure.
  • Since you are going to be lying down, try not to eat a heavy meal before your massage. Doing so may make you uncomfortable.  Try to make your last meal 1-2 hours before your massage. If you get really hungry eat something light.
  • Avoid caffeine prior to your massage. (Caffeine can cause difficulty relaxing)
  • While it is not required, it is usually best to get fully undressed when receiving a full body massage. Connecting strokes are great and a lot of issues start in the lower back and pelvic region. That being said, please undress to the level of your comfort.  

During Your Massage

  • Take nice deep relaxing breaths. Our bodies and muscles are usually starved for oxygen as we usually take short, shallow breaths.   Deep breaths will also help reduce feelings of pain & tension. Breathing deeply is a massage for your insides. Try it now!
  • If you are uncomfortable in any way during your treatment, (pressure, style, music choice, draping, etc…) please express it to your therapist.
  • Conversation is entirely up to the client. However, for massage to be its most effective and healing, silence is best. Massage involves balancing energy and flow. Silence allows you and the therapist to relax and focus on the bodywork.

After Your Massage

  • Count to 10 before getting up. Transition slowly to prevent feelings of dizziness. 

  • Drink lots of water for the next few days. Most of us are dehydrated. Dehydration increases pain, tension & stress. We want the most juicy and flexible muscles possible.
  • Taking an Epsom salt bath is one the best ways to continue flushing out the toxins from your body after a massage. If you do this, you WILL feel a difference.

  • Soreness is very common when working in areas that have sustained soft tissue damage. If you do not feel relief in 2-3 days time, PLEASE call me as soon as possible.

  • Follow up with any instructions, referrals or suggestions made by your therapist.

  • Take time to do nothing. Be on "vacation". Allow the massage to really sink in.
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